Katie Votodian (Walsh)
So sad that I missed the reunion! I think about all of you guys from time-to-time, especially last fall when OHS performed Noises Off! Of course it wasn't nearly as good as ours but brought back many fond memories.

Since I couldn't be at the reunion, just a bit of information about me. I am married with 2 children. P.J. is almost 17 and attends Overland (has purposely avoided joining theatre!). Ellie is almost 9 and attends Village East. My husband is a pharmacy technician at King Soopers but is working to go back to school and become a nurse. I teach science at Gateway (where they actually have a theater now). I am nearly finished with a Master's degree in Bilingual-ESL through UCD.

I would love to hear from any/all of you. Let's plan some quarterly get-together's for the locals!