Theresa Reid (Dwyer)
Hey Gang,

Wish I could hang out with all of you next month, but I was recently appointed Artistic Director of the Albuquerque Little Theatre and they need me there. (The name is a tad misleading-- it is actually a 480-seat venue that produces 8 shows per year.)

Since I left high school, theatre has been my bag. Got a Master's degree and everything. Finally making a living at it, too-- it IS possible! :)

My clearest memories of OHS theatre revolve around John Gracey and I experimenting with complicated emotions in "The Crucible" (I mean, come on, we were adolescents-- being a married couple was, like, "Eeewwwww!!!!"). And the absolute blast we all had with "Noises Off", which we took to a high school theatre convention. In a word, we rocked.

I hope all of you have fun at the reunion and best of luck with your lives, familes and careers!

Theresa (Dwyer) Reid